This is coolbert:

Hot red priority message traffic. From Krasmash to Vlad. Disaster.

As seen today thanks to the Russian media outlet Sputnik and thanks to same:

"Krasnoyarsk Engineering WorksPlant Producing Sarmat Missiles Catches Fire in Russia (VIDEO, PHOTO)"

"KRASNOYARSK (Sputnik) - The roof of Krasnoyarsk’s Machine-Building Plant (Krasmash), where Russia’s Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles and Sineva ballistic missiles are produced, caught fire on Friday, the local department of the Russian Emergencies Ministry said."

Consider this to be a major event? Damage if significant going to set back Russian military plans for some time?

Sarmat [NATO code name Satan-2] an intercontinental-ballistic-missile carrying multiple thermonuclear warheads of prodigious size. One such missile all three warheads detonating more or less simultaneously all of the USA state of Texas wiped out!

Sineva a liquid-fueled submarine-launched intercontinental-ballistic missile as is found on the Delta class of Russian submarine.A mainstay as it is called and now questionable if more can be produced?

Back in the days of the old Soviet Union such a fire and disaster would have been classified TOP SECRET at a minimum and never disclosed to the general public under ANY circumstances. But times have changed!


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