Mexico’s President Is Saying That The War On Drugs Is Over

Ramos y López Obrador analizan las cifras de homicidios otorgadas por el Gobierno federal. NTX / J. Lira

Madeleine Wattenbarger, The Nation: Mexico’s President Says the War on Drugs Is Over. Not All Mexicans Agree.

AMLO’s new drug policies are a gamble, with implications on everything from internal displacements to international relations.

On February 17, some 300 people from the Mexican state of Guerrero set up camp outside of Mexico City’s National Palace to pressure the government to address their forced displacement by drug gangs from their homes in the Sierra Madre. Two weeks earlier, president Andrés Manuel López Obrador had announced that Mexico’s war against narcotrafficking was over. “There is no war. We want peace, we’re going to get peace,” he’d told reporters in his daily morning press conference. For communities like the displaced from Guerrero, Mexico’s war on drugs is alive and well. The hand-lettered posters around their tent encampment detailed their complaints: “In Guerrero there is no guarantee of anything. It’s a narco state.”

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WNU Editor: Mexico's President Manuel López Obrador is saying that the homicide rates are down, but the stats are saying that 2019 will be the worse year for murders in Mexico's modern history .... Mexico's Lopez Obrador says homicide rates are down, despite data to the contrary (L.A. Times). More on the homicide rate in Mexico can be viewed here .... Map of homicides in Mexico from October 2018 to March 2019 ( What's my take. The stats do not lie, people do. Mexico's Drug cartel war is going to get worse.

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