Pentagon Reviewing Border Rules After Two Soldiers Surrendered A Pistol To Mexican Troops On U.S. Soil

Daily Mail: US military rules are under review after two soldiers surrendered a pistol to Mexican troops on American soil, Pentagon source reveals

* US Northern Command revealed Mexican soldiers took a pistol from the troops
* Two American soldiers were approached by 'five or six' men near Clint, Texas
* Pentagon are now investigating how to avoid similar situations, a source said
* There had been no protocol for the unusual circumstances the men faced

The Pentagon are reviewing military guidance after the disarming of two US soldiers in the Texas border country by Mexican troops, a source revealed.

According to the US Northern Command, 'five or six' armed Mexican soldiers questioned two American troops conducting operations near the border on April 13.

Officials said the Mexicans were armed with rifles and raised their weapons when they saw the US soldiers, before stripping them of Beretta M9 pistol near Clint, Texas.

The Pentagon are carrying out inquiries that 'will help us modify any instructions that we're giving the troops,' a defense source told the Washington Examiner.

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Update: US military rules under review after soldiers surrendered pistol to Mexican troops on American soil (Washington Examiner).

WNU Editor: One more reason why the U.S. must do more than what they are doing now to protect its border.

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