Pentagon: Threats To U.S. Space Systems 'At An All-Time High'

Washington Examiner: Pentagon official: Threats to US space systems 'at an all-time high'

A senior Pentagon official warns that the Russian and Chinese militaries are refocusing their efforts to counter U.S. space operations, posing an existential threat to America's military edge.

Russia and China reorganized their forces in 2015, putting special emphasis on countering America in space, deputy assistant secretary of defense for space policy Steve Kitay said this week during a forum at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He explained that the two U.S. adversaries have gone beyond simply improving their own operations in the space domain and have taken an offensive posture.

"Not only do Chinese and Russian military doctrine indicate they view space [as] important to modern warfare, they view counter-space capabilities as a means to reduce U.S. and allied military effectiveness," said Kitay.

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WNU Editor:  I guess the Pentagon is laying the groundwork for this .... SPECIAL REPORT: The Pentagon Could Put Directed Energy Weapons in Space (National Defense).

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