This is coolbert:

As is germane to a prior blog entry and thanks in this case to the Internet web site Strategy Page.

"Weapons: Roar And The Thunder Cannon"

The futuristic weapon is NOW! Non-lethal but incapacitating so they say. Allows for quick dispersal of riotous mobs.

"April 15, 2019: Israeli troops have recently been using a non-lethal crowd dispersal system called Roar (“Sha’aga” in Hebrew) to deal with violent demonstrations at the Gaza border fence. The IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) declared Roar a success but would not provide any details on how it worked. Photos and available descriptions of Roar sound like a similar system first developed in Israel in 2010. This non-lethal weapon was called the Thunder Cannon. Light enough to be mounted in a cart, trailer or hummer type vehicle, it used a new Pulse Detonation Technology that combines LPG (liquefied natural gas) with air to create a sonic boom in a cannon type barrel."

I might think the Thunder Cannon is not so totally non-lethal! Will not kill outright but can cause significant short-term and long-term damage?  Injury to the hearing from repeated exposure and possible further damage as a victim ages?

Pregnant women with child in the womb too might suffer miscarriages as a result of exposure to the Thunder Cannon? This I cannot say but anticipate the worst.


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