Sri Lanka Authorities Were Warned Two Weeks Ago That Attacks Were Being Planned

The Guardian: Sri Lanka authorities were warned of attacks two weeks ago, says minister

More than 20 suspects arrested as death toll from Easter Sunday bombings rises to 290.

The Sri Lankan authorities received warnings two weeks before the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks that killed at least 290 people, a cabinet spokesman admitted on Monday.

“Fourteen days before these incidents occurred, we had been informed about these incidents,” Rajitha Senaratne told a press conference in the capital, Colombo, a day after the bombings, which also injured at least 500 people.

Senaratne, Sri Lanka’s health minister, also said the names of some of the suspects had been given to authorities earlier this month.

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Update #1: Sri Lankan police arrest seven terror suspects after 'being warned of Easter attack by Muslim extremists TEN DAYS before suicide bombers killed 207 people' (Daily Mail)
Update #2: Sri Lanka Was Warned of Possible Attacks. Why Didn’t It Stop Them? (The New York Times)

WNU Editor: Definitely .... US warns terrorists continue to plot Sri Lanka attacks (AFP). This is troubling .... Sri Lanka PM not alerted to warning of attack because of feud: minister (Reuters).

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