Sri Lanka Shuts Down Social Media In Wake Of Easter Attacks

Business Insider: Sri Lanka has temporarily blocked access to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp after a series of bombings left over 200 dead, fearing the spread of misinformation

* The Sri Lankan government has reportedly blocked access to various social media sites after a wave of bombings left over 200 dead across the country.
* Although there is no known direct connection between Sunday's attacks and social media at this time, Facebook and other social media have played a role in fanning ethnic and religious violence in Sri Lanka and other countries in recent years.

After a series of bombings at churches and hotels early Easter Sunday left over 200 dead across Sri Lanka, the country's government has blocked access to social media sites including Facebook and Instagram, according to Sri Lanka's government news site.

According to that report, Sri Lanka's Presidential Secretariat made the decision "as false news reports were spreading through social media."

A tweet from Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe condemning the attacks cautioned residents of the country to "avoid propagating unverified reports and speculation," and a tweet from Sri Lanka's Red Cross debunked social media rumors that their building had been attacked.

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Update #1: Sri Lankan government blocks social media and imposes curfew following deadly blasts (Mercury News/Washington Post)
Update #2: Sri Lanka restricts access to social media sites following terror attack (The Verge)

WNU Editor: That was quick.

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