This Is How Russia And China Will Sink America's Aircraft Carriers

Top to bottom: USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) alongside Nimitz class carriers USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) & USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76). Pinterest

Robert Farley, National Interest: RIP Aircraft Carrier: How Russia or China Could Send These Warships to the Bottom

A few ideas.

In the event of a conflict, U.S. Navy admirals and the U.S. president may grow so concerned about the vulnerability of carriers that they don’t use them assertively and effectively.

Aircraft carriers have been the primary capital ship of naval combat since the 1940s, and remain the currency of modern naval power. But for nearly as long as carriers have existed, navies have developed plans to defeat them. The details of these plans have changed over time, but the principles remain the same. And some have argued that the balance of military technology is shifting irrevocably away from the carrier, driven primarily by Chinese and Russian innovation.

So let’s say you want to kill an aircraft carrier. How would you go about it?

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WNU Editor: Absent nuclear weapons, I see a lot of missiles targeting Americas aircraft carriers in a peer-to-peer conflict.

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