U.S. Air Force Gets Ready For The F-15X Super Eagle

The advanced F-15X. Boeing photo.

Bryan Preston, OJ Media: Keeping the Air Force Ready with the F-15X Super Eagle

At Pearl Harbor, Japanese attackers struck hard and fast to begin World War II. Their speed caught the Americans by surprise, and we lost many -- far too many -- men, ships and planes. Before we could win the war in the Pacific, we had to fight hard just to get back to where we had been before the attack.

But another tragedy came hours later, when another Japanese force targeted Clark Field in the Philippines. Despite the warning that the U.S. was under attack, planes were left in the open, ripe targets for attack. Again, they were destroyed on the ground without a fight.

The lessons: 1) Speed kills. 2) You must always be armed and ready to respond.

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WNU Editor: What I like about the F-15 are its operating costs (from Defense Systems Journal) ....

According to the latest available figures provided to DSJ today by the Air Combat Command, the “then year” FY 2017 dollars for costs per flight hour for USAF tactical aircraft* are as follows:

F-15C: $33,412/hour
F-15E: $25,141/hour
F-16: $20,423/hour
F-35: $50,246/hour

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