Vietnam Has Built 10 Artificial Islands In The Disputed South China Sea

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VOA: How Vietnam Quietly Built up 10 Islands in Asia’s Most Disputed Sea

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Both China and Vietnam are building up tiny islets across Asia’s most disputed sea, but while China receives international criticism Vietnam receives very little, and even gets some support because its pace of construction is slower and widely seen as defensive.

Vietnam’s work on islets it has held for decades is kept to areas of the South China Sea closest to its mainland coasts. The country shuns military mega projects that might appear offensive. And it belongs to the 10-country Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) known for working out any bilateral differences. These factors differ from China.

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Update: South China Sea: Vietnam SECRETLY building TEN islands in disputed sea in SHOCK claim (Express).

WNU Editor: China gets all the attention, but Vietnam is doing the same thing. Albeit the islands are smaller.

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