Vietnam Ignored Su-35 to Go Straight to Su-57?

29 April 2019

Sukhoi Su-57 stealth fighter (photo : RuAviation)

Vietnam Air Force is a priority investment force that goes straight to modernity with Navy and Communication.

With the policy of bringing the Vietnam Air Force straight to the modern, the military has been prioritized to invest in purchasing three regiments of Su-30MK2 multi-purpose to replace the outdated MiG-21.

However, in our combat duty, there are still quite a lot of Su-22 attacks, the life of these aircraft is also quite high and the inferior features of modern fighters are pretty much, so it is very soon needed to replaced.

The generation 4.5 fighter candidates may be ordered by Vietnam to extend the strategy of modernizing the air force, according to foreign media, including Western light fighter types. such as JAS 39 Gripen or F-16 Fighting Falcon, but the brightest is the Su-30SME and especially the Su-35S.

Even so, the statement took place a while ago, when Russia did not show any signs that it would soon export overseas Su-57 5th fighter, causing the Su-30SM and Su-35S to return into the most viable option.

But recently when Russian President Vladimir Putin officially approved the proposal to build a commercial version of the stealth 5-Su-57 fighter with the Su-57E designation, everything became very different.

VPAF operates Su-30MK2 in 3 regiments number 923 (Bai Thuong), 935 (Bien Hoa), 927 (Kep). Operates Su-27 in 1 regiment number 925 (Phu Cat). Operates Su-22M/UM in 4 regiments number 929 (Da Nang), 921 (Hanoi), 937 (Phan Rang), 931 (Yen Bai). Operates L-39C in 1 regiment no 910 (Dong Tac) (photo : reddit)

Although the Su-57E fighter is not yet complete, but it is placed next to the Su-35S, it still proved to be completely superior. In the opinion of many military experts, while there is no standard engine of the 5th generation, the Su-57 still deserves to be classified as 4.75 life fighter, which is higher than the Su-35S of category 4 5.

Back in the case of Vietnam, when it was determined to invest in the air to advance straight to modernity, the fact that we went straight to Su-57E and ignored the transition step of Su-35S was a perfectly balanced plan. prompt to deploy.

If ordering Su-35S, in the short term Vietnam will still have to import additional Su-57E, while choosing to buy Su-57E at this time, we will omit the transfer phase continue on.

The Su-57E purchase at the present time, Vietnam also received Russian support in technical testing work and will likely be accompanied by Izdeliye 30 engine upgrade package when this product is complete for them. We get a complete 5th generation fighter.

In the end, the cost of the Su-57E and Su-35S fighter jets was remarkably not differentiated, which could also be considered another important reason for Vietnam's decision.


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