Where Is The Evidence That Russia Interfered In The 2016 Elections?

Boyd Cathey, Zero Hedge/The Unz Review: Did The Russians Really Interfere In US Elections?

The Mueller Report is now public, and our Mainstream Media have filled the airways with all sorts of commentaries and interpretations. We know that - despite the very best efforts of the dedicated Leftist attorneys on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s staff - there was absolutely no coordination between members of the Trump campaign, or any of his staffers, with Russians. No additional charges have come as a result, other than accusations made earlier of “process crimes” (e.g. failure to report earnings on tax forms, failure to report lobbying work, or not telling investigators what they demanded to hear—“crimes” that practically every politician in Washington has been guilty of at one time or another and would normally not cause much of a stir). None of these involved Russia.

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WNU Editor: The author of the above commentary is not a supporter of the Mueller Counsel, the media that fed the narrative on Russian collusion and election interference, and the political class that supported it. But partisanship aside, Boyd Cathey does make a good point ..... where is the evidence that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections? Aside from the claim that $160,000 was spent on a social media campaign (where apparently much was only spent after the election), and claims that it was Russia that leaked emails to Wikileaks proving that the Democrat Party had fixed the primaries to favour Hillary Clinton (which Wikileaks has denied), I have yet to see any real evidence from the U.S. government on Russian interference in 2016. The U.S. intel community is still saying that they do have evidence that Russia interfered in the election, but due to the secrecy of their intelligence operations they are not at the liberty to disclose it. So should we believe and trust the U.S. intel community when they ask for our trust? You tell me.

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