British Prime Minister Theresa May Fires Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson Over Huawei's Leaks

Daily Mail: The 11 minute 'smoking gun' phone call: Gavin Williamson admits he spoke to journalist after security council meeting but denies he spoke about Huawei and swears 'on my children's lives that I'm innocent'

* The PM sacked Gavin Williamson as Defence Secretary following a leak of secret information last week
* Is alleged he revealed National Security Council discussions about Huawei's involvement in UK's 5G network
* He has 'strenuously' denied being involved in the leak, despite claims of 'compelling evidence' against him
* Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said it was a 'shame she didn't recognise' how he had kept her as the PM in past
* Williamson also suggests that Mrs May's investigator Sir Mark Sedwill was settling a vendetta against him
* Growing calls were made for him to face police action, including from Labour deputy leader Tom Watson

Theresa May sacked Gavin Williamson over the Huawei leak after his 11-minute call to a journalist was uncovered by her civil service enforcer, it was revealed today.

Sir Mark Sedwill pored over the Defence Secretary's phone records and found he had spoken to Daily Telegraph reporter Steven Swinford on the day of National Security Council discussions about Huawei's potential access to the UK's 5G network.

Mrs May fired him last night claiming there was 'compelling evidence' he was responsible for the leak - but Mr Williamson claims he spoke to Swinford about the Tory leadership and Brexit and said the PM had 'just sacked someone who is not guilty', adding: 'I swear on my children's lives that I'm innocent.'

Mr Williamson said he had been 'completely and utterly screwed' and implied his sacking was down to Sir Mark settling a vendetta against him.

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WNU Editor: The former defense secretary is saying that he is innocent .... Gavin Williamson : 'I never have leaked anything from the NSC' (BBC). This is the new defense secretary .... Reporting for duty: UK's first female Defence Secretary and Royal Navy reservist Penny Mordaunt says she is looking forward to 'working with some amazing people' as she starts her first day (Daily Mail).

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