Is Cuba Next If Venezuela Falls?

Kenneth Underwood, Yahoo News: 'If Venezuela falls, Cuba is next': Strategist

The chaos in Venezuela could take down more than just the Maduro regime, according to one strategist.

“The Cubans are the ones who are running the show in Venezuela,” Bulltick Chief Global Markets Strategist Kathryn Rooney Vera told Yahoo Finance’s “On the Move” on Wednesday. “As soon as Venezuela falls, what we are going to see is Cuba fall in its wake.”

Cuba is among numerous countries including Russia, China, and Iran that have stood firm behind President Nicolás Maduro.

President Donald Trump has threatened action against those backing the current regime, tweeting:

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WNU Editor: I do not see the Communist regime falling any time soon in Cuba, even with the loss of Venezuelan oil and aid.  Maybe in a decade or two a change will happen, but definitely not today. The Latin American government that is most vulnerable if the Maduro regime in Venezuela falls is the President Ortega's government in Nicaragua.

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