Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 1, 2019

Liaoning, China's first aircraft carrier REUTERS/Bobby Yip

Business Insider: China is building a powerful navy to take on the US in the Pacific — Here's what their arsenal looks like

* China's naval force is growing at an incredible rate, not just in size but also in combat capability. It's reportedly growing faster than any other great power navy.
* The Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy is fielding a variety of new warships and submarines, as well as new weapons, to tip the scales in its favor in the region.
* Here are some of the vessels the PLAN is adding to its expanding arsenal.

The Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy is one of the largest naval forces in the world, and it continues to grow. More importantly, though, China is rapidly building and fielding increasingly capable naval vessels, weapons that could tip the scales in the US-dominated Pacific.

The Chinese PLAN has probably benefitted the most from the country's major military modernization plan, the goal of which is to transform the Chinese armed services into a world-class fighting force able to defeat another great power.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 1, 2019

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Russian Navy to receive 40 advanced minesweepers by 2030 -- TASS

Kenyan soldiers traumatized by US-backed war in Somalia often receive discipline but not treatment -- Stars and Stripes/Washington Post

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