Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 2, 2019

CNN: Pentagon says China's military using espionage to steal secrets

China is continuing to modernize its armed forces in order to transform its military into a major global power and using espionage to steal cutting edge technology for military purposes, according to a newly released Pentagon report on China's military.

"China uses a variety of methods to acquire foreign military and dual-use technologies, including targeted foreign direct investment, cyber theft, and exploitation of private Chinese nationals' access to these technologies, as well as harnessing its intelligence services, computer intrusions, and other illicit approaches," the Congressionally mandated Department of Defense report said.

"China obtains foreign technology through imports, foreign direct investment, the establishment of foreign research and development (R&D) centers, joint ventures, research and academic partnerships, talent recruitment, and industrial and cyberespionage," the report added.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 2, 2019

Former CIA Officer Pleads Guilty to Chinese Espionage Conspiracy -- Washington Free Beacon

Pentagon expects China to add international military bases -- France 24

Shanahan: F-22, F-35 Struggling to Meet Readiness Goal, While F-18s Show “Significant” Progress -- Air Force Magazine

Shanahan: Super Hornet on track to meet readiness goals, but F-16s and F-22s still struggling -- Defense News

Retired military leaders to lawmakers: Don't ‘sacrifice funds’ for F-35 jets -- FOX News

WATCH: US Air Force Test Fires Minuteman III ICBM -- Sputnik

Raytheon receives $419 million for Sidewinder missiles, parts -- UPI

US Plans to Test 2 Hypersonic Missiles by End of 2019 - Defence Agency -- Sputnik

Raytheon shoots down drone with lasers, microwaves in Air Force test -- UPI

New post-hurricane repair work at Tyndall Air Force Base halted as funds run out -- UPI

Pilots safely eject from Air Force T-6 trainer before crash -- UPI

Army Works to Slim Down Powerful New Laser Defense System --

Army to outfit Double V-Hull Strykers with 30mm firepower -- Defense News

Pentagon, Navy, In Dark About Trump’s USS Truman Decision -- Breaking Defense

Pentagon: US military operations killed 120 civilians last year -- The Hill

FBI director Christopher Wray making his mark as a loud and insistent China critic -- SCMP

Military sexual assaults increase sharply, Pentagon report finds -- CNN

The US military doesn't follow its own rules when investigating domestic violence on bases -- Task & Purpose/The Orange County Register

Acting defense chief calls for reform after military sex assaults spike 38 percent -- UPI

Shanahan wants to criminalize sexual harassment in the military -- CNN

Marines' Boot Camp Units Could Officially Be Going Coed, Next Commandant Says --

Lawmakers offer bill to undo tax hike on Gold Star families -- The Hill

Northrop Grumman to integrate countermeasures system on aircraft for U.S., allies -- UPI

Australian troops have been ordered not to use slang so they don't confuse US Marines -- Business Insider/Military Times

Russia’s Defense Industry Finds Itself in a Tailspin -- Stratfor

Russian Defense Ministry refutes reports on death of four military servicemen in Syria -- TASS

Russia Keeps Proving to the World How Hard It Is Build and Use Aircraft Carriers -- National Interest

China’s J-20 stealth jet may be ready this year, US commander says -- SCMP/Bloomberg

China's J-20 Stealth Jet Could Be Wheels Up This Year, US Commander Says -- Sputnik

The Pakistani Military's Worst Nightmare Is Coming True -- Foreign Policy

Why Iran-US confrontation may intensify under new IRGC commander -- Saeid Jafari, Al-Monitor

National Security and Winning the Race to 5G -- Michael Chertoff, Keith B. Alexander & Timothy J. Keating, RCD

The disturbing history of military marine mammals -- Gervase Phillips, Quartz

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