The U.S. Army Is Shifting Its Priorities

David Axe, National Interest: The Army Is Canceling Lots of Weapons Programs for a Really Big Reason

Big changes are coming

"We made hard choices inside of our budget," McCarthy said. We wanted to do that so we can protect them in the out years if it’s a flat fiscal environment."

The U.S. Army is slowing, cutting and canceling hundreds of weapons programs in order to free up cash for just six kinds of new hardware.

The "Big Six" are key to winning high-tech wars against modern armies such as Russia's or China's, according to the ground-combat branch.

The Army's $190-billion budget proposal, which represents an $8-billion boost compared to the branch's 2019 budget, channels $9 billion into six main efforts.

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WNU Editor: The U.S. Army is preparing for a peer-to-peer fight (i.e. China or Russia).

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