U.S. Democrats Declare 'War' Against U.S. Attorney General Barr

CNBC: Speaker Pelosi accuses Attorney General William Barr of committing a crime: ‘He lied to Congress’

* House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Attorney General William Barr “lied to Congress.”
* She says misleading lawmakers would be a “crime” if anyone else did so.
* A Justice Department spokeswoman calls Pelosi’s comments “reckless, irresponsible and false.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday accused Attorney General William Barr of committing a crime by lying to Congress about Robert Mueller’s report and Mueller’s issues with how Barr has characterized the special counsel’s findings.

“What is deadly serious about it is the attorney general of the United States of America is not telling the truth to the Congress of the United States. That’s a crime,” the California Democrat told reporters.

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WNU Editor: I concur with this commentary .... Barr Released the Mueller Report. How Is That a Scandal? (Eli Lake, Bloomberg). After two years of non-stop coverage of Russia-Trump collusion, we are now at a point where this has become a loud squabble over a summary of a report that was released in full. A report that even though many have demanded to release it in full, only two Republican politicians have bothered to show-up and read the non-redacted version .... Just 2 lawmakers have seen less-redacted Mueller report (Politico). So how can Congress ask questions when they have not even bothered to read it? You tell me.

As to the Attorney General not appearing at the House of Representatives hearing this morning, it is also obvious to me that they are trying to position the Attorney General into a perjury trap .... U.S. congressional Democrats blast Barr, threaten to hold him in contempt (Reuters). So why the Democrat focus on the Attorney General and their attempts to sideline him? They are scared to death on where this going, and are trying their best to discredit him .... AG Barr: 'We Have Multiple Criminal Leak Investigations Underway' After Russia Probe (PJ Media).

My prediction on where this is all heading. Listening to Attorney General William Barr's testimony this morning (sorry, I am a day late), he strikes me as someone who is on top of the file, and knows far more on where all of this is heading than members in Congress and the media. More to the point. The investigation on the previous administration's authorization to conduct a surveillance/spying operation against the Trump campaign and what did the U.S. Justice Department and other departments did during the transition phase will go on, and will probably escalate when the Inspector General's report on how the Justice Department conducted itself during this is period is released later this month or next. And after that ..... mark my words .... a Special Counsel or equivalent will be appointed to investigate this with all the necessary legal powers. If anyone thinks that today's political and media reaction to yesterday's Barr hearing is huge, they have seen nothing yet.

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