VPAF's SU-30MK2 Conducts Night Flight Exercise

02 Mei 2019

VPAF Su-30MK2 during night flight exercise (photos : QDND, KienThuc, BaoDatViet)

According to PK-KQ newspaper, 923 Regiment, the 371 Division has successfully organized a night flight on Su-30MK2 multi-purpose fighter.

The successful organization of the night flight has contributed to improving qualifications and driving techniques for pilots, responding to the requirements and tasks of being ready to fight and managing the airspace in the current situation.

Talking about the preparations for the night flight, Captain Nguyen Anh Ngoc - Deputy Head of Engineering of Regiment 923 said: "Working to prepare the board for the day which is hard and difficult, is preparing for Night cruises are much more complicated.

Therefore, we must check carefully, meticulously every detail, parts, ensuring the best technical parameters of the aircraft before performing the task ".

To successfully organize the night flight board, the preparation work includes: Understanding the weather and meteorological situation; synergistic work among components; logistics and technical assurance; information, radar, light; psychological situation, ideology of the soldiers as well as the health of the pilots participating in flight training ...

On the basis of the work of ensuring the sides of the unit and the direction of the superiors, the commanding officer will assign preliminary tasks to the components before the flight ...

But before the fighters took off at the same time, the first Su-30MK2 tasked with meteorological reconnaissance took off. After 30 minutes, meteorological reconnaissance flight landed safely. All components are present at the room assigned to fly. After regaining all the preparations, the meteorological situation, the regimental commander assigned the official flight mission.

The night flight board is carried out exactly 18:15. On the first flight time, 4 Su-30MK2 aircraft turn to the runway in turn, speeding up and soaring into the sky. The "lord of the tiger" under the control of pilots of the 923th Regiment performed maturing night flying according to the proposed plan ...

As soon as the plane Su30MK2 ended the flight, rolled to the domed area, the aeronautical engineering team quickly took over the aircraft, heard the pilot reflected on the technical situation and promptly adjusted the equipment and security. Best for the next flight.

The success of the flight board continues to affirm the ability to master technical equipment weapons of officers and soldiers of the entire Regiment; especially the capacity, qualifications of the pilot team and the results of the organization of combat training of the Regiment in recent years.

This is also the motivation for the time to come to 923 Regiment, the 371 Division continues to successfully carry out the task of training, ready to fight and firmly manage the sacred region of the Fatherland.

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