Will The U.S. Launch Military Operations In Venezuela?

CNN: Pompeo says military action in Venezuela 'possible'

Washington (CNN)Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterated Wednesday that US military action in Venezuela is an option in the wake of this week's violent protests, despite military officials and experts casting doubt on the prudence of such a move.

"The President has been crystal clear and incredibly consistent. Military action is possible. If that's what's required, that's what the United States will do," Pompeo said on Fox Business Network. "We're trying to do everything we can to avoid violence. We've asked all the parties involved not to engage in the kind of activity. We'd prefer a peaceful transition of government there, where Maduro leaves and a new election is held. But the President has made clear, in the event that there comes a moment -- and we'll all have to make decisions about when that moment is -- and the President will have to ultimately make that decision. He is prepared to do that if that's what's required."

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Update #1: 'Military action is possible' in Venezuela, says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (USA Today)
Update #2: US military action in Venezuela 'possible': Pompeo (AFP)

WNU Editor: I doubt that the U.S. military will be launching military strikes in Venezuela anytime soon. But the Washington and U.S. media narrative is that such operations may take place very soon (see links below). Why the narrative? To put pressure on President Maduro.

Acting Pentagon chief cancels Europe trip over Venezuela crisis (France 24)
U.S. has done 'exhaustive planning' on Venezuela scenarios: Shanahan (Reuters)
U.S. military not given orders to prepare for war in Venezuela (Reuters)

Update #3: U.S. intelligence operations are underway right now .... U.S. military focused on gathering intelligence on Venezuela: Dunford (Reuters). As for what the CIA and other intelligence agencies are doing, we can speculate on that.

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